Telarc Q-Safe Standard released

Who is the Telarc Q-Safe standard for?

Designed specifically for the small to medium-sized business, the Telarc Q-Safe management system Certificate provides a framework that enables your business to achieve and maintain high standards of customer satisfaction and Health and Safety.

What does Q-Safe certification do for your business?

Certification shows that you have a Health and Safety and quality management system and that it works. It is this independent proof that creates market confidence in your ability to consistently deliver what your customers require. That can be vital to the credibility and success of your business. Customers will have confidence in your ability to deliver products or services that consistently meet their requirements on time, every time, with minimum risk. Management know that, with fewer mistakes, complaints and less wastage, they will have time to plan and make the business grow Continually protecting the Health and Safety of staff not only reduces absenteeism and the risk of litigation, but significantly improves morale and loyalty. Employees will enjoy the satisfaction of greater involvement in the business as they work together with management towards common goals. Suppliers will know precisely what you expect of them because the systems in place will bring the parties closer together and provide opportunities for enhanced working relationships. Regulators will have confidence in your ability to comply with regulations. Your Q-Safe management system includes the processes to meet Health and Safety regulatory requirements.

What Telarc Q-Safe provides?

The Telarc Q-Safe Standard provides a powerful framework from which to work. It gives you the opportunity to formalise how you, and your staff, will fully understand Health and Safety requirements and your customers’ needs. And how, through ongoing system management, you will meet those needs. To become a Telarc Q-Safe registered supplier your Q-Safe management system is assessed against the requirements of this Telarc Standard. We developed the standard adapting elements of the internationally recognised ISO 45001 and 9001 series of management system standards. Independent Telarc certification helps you to introduce discipline into, and receive regular feedback about, the operations of your business. Also, it provides market proof that your system complies with a recognised standard of Health and Safety and quality management practice.

What you need to do

There are eight clauses in the Telarc Q-Safe Standard. To become registered you need to meet the requirements of each clause. You will need to write down what you do in a way that works for you. Hannon Consulting Limited specialises in developing management systems to meet these eight clauses. Speak to one of our consultants for further information, a copy of the standard or any questions regarding your suitability for this standard.