Top 10 Myths About Workplace Safety

The Top 10 Myths about Workplace Safety:

Myth # 1: Workplace Violence Is Random and Unpredictable

This type of myth is dangerous. It allows employers to deny that there is anything that can be done to address violence, and to step back from the responsibility for violence prevention. It is suggested that employers pay close attention to how an employee speaks to others in the workplace.

Myth # 2: Crazy People Commit the Most Violence

It is a fact that, since only 5% of severely disturbed individuals are actually violent, and the vast majority of those individuals are either incarcerated or hospitalized, most violence is not committed by “crazy” people.

Myth # 3: Workplace violence is a guy thing and women shouldn’t worry about it.

Women share the field almost equally when it comes to being the attacker and the victim. Women are involved in workplace violence to an excessive 65% and that to in all non-fatal workplaces.

Myth # 4: Security guards and metal detectors will prevent workplace violence.

The security measures can do little to stop a determined perpetrator of a crime. In fact security guards and detection devices can do little more than cause an attacker to think more creatively.

Myth # 5: He just “snapped.” We can’t prevent it because there are no warning signs.

In 80% of all incidents of workplace violence, the warning signs that went unheeded. Awareness heads the list and is the easiest and most successful means for surviving a workplace violence attack. Early awareness and action can save property, lives, and money.

Myth # 6: We have insurance to cover the cost of damages: Most workers wrongly believe that they are covered completely by whatever insurance coverage is in place to protect the company. But you may find that your insurance policy may have clauses that exclude damages from certain types of actions.

Myth # 7: We have a workplace violence prevention policy so we’re safe.

Most companies still do not have workplace violence plans, policies, or training programs. These companies are missing these legal critical elements, and leaving the employees to the same or greater liability issues.

Myth # 8: It will never happen here.

The truth is that workplace violence can happen in any business, at anytime, and anywhere. And, it does.

Myth # 9: The only cost we’ll have to worry about is attorney fees.

Not only can your attorney’s, or the police for that matter, “not” take away the damage, injuries, death, and destruction that can occur, but their fees will be the least of your problems.

Myth # 10: Verbal Threats Are “Just Talk”

Verbal threats of violence are a real warning sign, and one that cannot be ignored.