ISO45001 – What is it and why should I certify my system to it?

What is ISO45001 in a nutshell?

ISO45001 is a new standard released in 2018 that is based on the common elements of all the ISO’s management systems standards. The system uses a simple Plan – Do – Check – Act continuous improvement cycle which provides a framework for organisations to plan and implement what they need to put in place in order to minimse the risk of harm.

Why bother certifying your OH&S management system?

Doing your own internal audits and checks on your safety management system is good business practice. Having your system certified by a third party certifier is a very good way to help maintain oversight or confirm that these systems are implemented and working to manage health an safety. Once you achieve certification, you can show that you have met international best safety practice and created a safer workplace. Your staff and customers may also take comfort in that you are a safe business.

ISO45001 is set to become the number one certification audit to replace the expired ACC Workplace Safety Management Practices (WSMP) audit standard and to satisfy the requirements of the various pre-qualification assessments.

Is ISO45001 only for big business?

All businesses regardless of size, industry type or nature can be certified to AS/NZS ISO45001.

How will ISO45001 benefit my business?

AS/NZS ISO45001 gives business guidance for putting in place a health and safety management system. It will help you to manage risks and improve performance in health and safety by developing and implementing robust policies and objectives.

Like to know more about ISO45001?

Talk to one of our consultants on how this standard can benefit your business and what is required to achieve certification.