How to Buy the Right Safety Goggles

Safety goggles offer good protection for eyes from the debris that flies around while operating a grinder or welding machine. They are useful to safeguard eyes when working on such apparatus from all kinds of floating dust or sparks.

Safety goggles are essential equipment; even for simplest of repair or construction work that can create eye-damaging debris. They truly ensure the safety of your vision, making it extremely important to get enough information, particularly about the lens material, in order to buy the right safety goggles.

Different materials offer different levels of clarity, impact resistance and scratch resistance. Look out for lenses that meet required standards as there are a number of different kinds of lenses.

Glass lenses are the heaviest but they offer the best optical clarity. These lenses are great when working in tight spaces, with small parts or with liquids that might splash. Plastic lenses are lighter and cheaper than glass.

Safety goggles with plastic lenses work well in outdoor settings or for long duration activities. Polycarbonate lenses are the most popular for safety goggles. These lenses offer high impact resistance and are among the lightest offered. You should look for coated lenses to offset scratch damage and UV protection.

High index plastic lenses offer the clarity of glass. These are most often used in prescription safety glasses. Safety goggles come with side shield protection; often in the form of side panels or wrap-around lenses. Side shield safety wear offers a wider protective zone around the eye.

Goggles offer the most protection around the eye. Goggles that fit completely against the face provide the best protection. Safety goggles also allow you to wear prescription glasses or sunglasses under the goggles. They may also come in a number of tinting options. You can also find clear, shaded and transition lenses that are great for indoor as well as outdoor activities.

To ensure eye safety it is wise to use safety goggles. They are inexpensive and readily available at hardware stores. Milwaukee and DeWalt offer some very good safety goggles. You can also get chemical goggles from Pyramex that protect eyes from liquid chemicals. With indirect air vents that allow air to enter and still keep liquids out. They are fog-free and offer UV protection as well.


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